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Focusing is a listening carefully to your body felt sense of a situation or issue or challenge in your life. You learn to find the whole of a situation there in your experience very vaguely at first then more and more comes just in the noticing.

Remarkably this noticing, describing, being with, representing, entering… leads to an unfolding which is not in the least arbitrary as it may seem initially but rather opens up new possibilities in the situation. Literally as your body felt sense changes there are new possibilities for action which were not there for you before. Moreover, with this entering comes a new whole with its own new steps now possible to sense and do. This is because body (experiencing) and mind are not separate. Every thought and situation comes with some experiential dimension no matter how elusive. Finding this dimension opens doors and shows a way forward.

The practice of Focusing, that is, of listening carefully to your body felt sense of a situation, happens mostly in two contexts. One is with yourself which you can use any time formally or informally in a session of 5 seconds or 2 hours. The other is a planned egalitarian partnership session where the listening carefully is doubled with exponential results. In this partnership you listen carefully to your body felt sense of a situation while your partner listens carefully to you, and then vice versa. The benefits of this “doubled listening” are extraordinary and wide-ranging yet there continues to be a humble ordinariness about the whole thing like of course this is the way human beings should be able to help each other.