Twelve Avenues of Felt Sensing

Focusers usually use one or two avenues into the felt sense and rarely use the others. Moreover, Focusers tend to integrate the relating to their felt sense into their regular process and to lessen the explicit use of felt sensing in partnership. Learning about many avenues helps sustain the explicit use of felt sensing in partnership. It makes you better able to get shifts. It allows you to work on more subtle issues. For a trainer or therapist, this self-training is more important. If you are not using different avenues in, you will not be able to recognize those avenues in others, you will not be fluid in helping the other go in there. Helping others use more than one avenue helps their depth as well.

Domain Focusing Self-Guiding Form

For many years, I have wished that Robert would make this self-guiding form publicly available. It was always a work-in-progress for Robert. Every so often a new version would come out and I would be amazed at how much richer it was, how much more the new version could help me move in my own Focusing process. This single sheet incorporates decades of intricate Focusing experience. I consider it a high point of development of Focusing practice and thought. Thank-you Robert. Neil Dunaetz