Online Workshop – Saturday, May 7, Changing the Unchangeable

Many times you come to focusing early on and you work on dilemmas and you get a shift and something changes. You continue focusing and further shifts come. Eventually, bigger changes come out of these little changes. It works just like the “Focusing” book suggests. Little changes lead to bigger changes.

These are blessings and indeed we must sustain these blessings. However, many times dilemmas do not change so easily. You don’t get a shift at all even as an experienced focuser. Or you get a shift initially, but then the subsequent shifts and movements do not come. Or you get a series of shifts and things are changing and moving along splendidly and suddenly you find yourself back at the beginning.

Robert calls things which change with great difficulty, the things which seem “unchangeable”, “macros”. He calls the dilemmas which respond relatively smoothly, “micros”. Micros are not small or inconsequential. Think macro-economics and micro-economics, both are very important.

MacroshiftingDF Retreat June 17-21, Chapel Hill