Macro-Domain Focusing Year-Long Training …

My primary interest is yearlong training of practitioners in a new kind of change psychotherapy which I call Macro-Domain Focusing. There are several ways yearlong training can be carried out including a mixture of the following:

  • Four cycles of six classes (1.5-2.5 hours/ for 3-5 person) online courses. The first cycle serves as a trial with a no obligation follow-through for the remaining three cycles.
  • Twelve monthly 3 person /3 hour; 4 person/4 hour or 5 person/5 hour (coordinately differentiated) sessions in-person (US East coast and Canada commuting possible).  The first three sessions serve as a trial with no obligation to follow-through for the remaining nine sessions.
  • Four-day retreats ($500 tuition) + 5 person / 3 hour follow-up in either monthly online sessions or monthly in-person small group sessions.
  • Six day/30 person+ ($300) tuition initial urban retreat with variable follow-up.  Offered Worldwide.

MacroShifting is being developed in emerging fields such as Loved One macros; Tender Gender Cancer macros (including gender specific cancer like breast cancer and prostate cancer); Migraine Headache macro; Exhaustion macro (lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme’s disease, Crohn’s, very low energy)  as well as the General macro option which doesn’t have a common theme.