Certification as a Focusing Oriented
Therapist or Focusing Trainer

8834619_origRobert Lee, Ph.D. is a Focusing theoretician and innovator. He is an international leader in developing Focusing trainers, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapists (FOT) and Coordinators (who are authorized to teach trainers and FOT’s). He led the Advanced Certification Weeklong at the Focusing Institute in New York for 7 years.

A licensed psychologist, Lee has developed a new model for teaching focusing (Domain Focusing), he has developed a theory and practice for overcoming stubborn problems (Changing the Unchangeable through Domain Focusing—also known as Macroshifting). He has developed a comprehensive practice for working with difficulties in felt sense formation (Elusive Felt Sensing).

In psychotherapy, he has developed special methods for using Focusing with anxiety and depression and with couple and group psychotherapy. He has developed cross-lingual Focusing partnership which allows people with an imperfect common language to still have Focusing exchanges which work. He has developed a method for language acquisition using Focusing. He served on the Board of The Focusing Institute during its transition beyond the founder stage. For many years he served on the board for a consortium of humanistic and transpersonal graduate psychology programs, CDPP, which was inspired by Clark Moustakas, a close colleague of Eugene Gendlin.