Certification as a Focusing Oriented
Therapist or Focusing Trainer

About Robert

8834619_origRobert Lee, Ph.D. is a Focusing theoretician and innovator. He is an international leader in developing Focusing trainers, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapists (FOT) and Coordinators (who are authorized to teach trainers and FOT’s). He led the Advanced Certification Weeklong at the Focusing Institute in New York for 7 years.

A licensed psychologist, Lee has developed a new model for teaching focusing (Domain Focusing), he has developed a theory and practice for overcoming stubborn problems (Changing the Unchangeable through Domain Focusing—also known as Macroshifting). He has developed a comprehensive practice for working with difficulties in felt sense formation (Elusive Felt Sensing).

In psychotherapy, he has developed special methods for using Focusing with anxiety and depression and with couple and group psychotherapy. He has developed cross-lingual Focusing partnership which allows people with an imperfect common language to still have Focusing exchanges which work. He has developed a method for language acquisition using Focusing. He served on the Board of The Focusing Institute during its transition beyond the founder stage. For many years he served on the board for a consortium of humanistic and transpersonal graduate psychology programs, CDPP, which was inspired by Clark Moustakas, a close colleague of Eugene Gendlin.

Overview and Essentials

The Macro-DF Difference in Certification

Robert Lee is an expert in certification having led some 14 groups through the Focusing Institute process. Robert’s approach is quite unique and aims to produce real value for practitioners, especially for Focusing Oriented Therapists (FOT). Certification by itself hasn’t a great value. Pick a number (Robert’s estimate is .3% value) to a psychotherapist, coach, or counselor – very minimal. Your skill in using focusing, on the other hand, which certification only implies a little, DOES MATTER hugely. Robert’s approach via Macro-Domain Focusing puts much more emphasis on that real skill in using focusing, such that it will have a major impact in your professional life. Only a small percent of certified people get that impact.

Training Timeline

Robert’s training toward certification is built on a 2 ten-month program. It includes both in-person and online instruction. Requirements include two in-person 4-Day Retreats on MacroShifting and Domain Focusing.


Each 10 month program runs close to $1,750 including the retreats.

Step 1 - Initial Ten Month Program

Robert designs each certification group around the participants. Consider what follows as a general guideline for the first ten month program. Training in the first year is primarily online with the possibility of in-person. From the beginning and throughout attention will be directed to the Macro-DF model:

  • the first six classes (9 hrs) will emphasis Domain Focusing partnership
  • the second six classes (9 hrs) will serve as an Introduction to Macro Shifting
  • the third six classes will consider additional Domain Focusing skill development emphasizing the key roles of the domains and domain linking
  • the final six classes will address additional MacroShifting skill development (including: Generative Space Clearing, Safety Protocol, Macrokeys, Antistranding, Integrity and Time
  • the first year concludes with at least one 3p3h course

Total fees for the first year $1565-$1,750

Step 2 - Second Ten Month Program
  • The second year of training begins with a Macroshifting in-person course in the form of a four day retreat. Half the time is devoted to MacroShifting and half the time to Domain Focusing.
  • The remainder of the second ten month of training is accomplished on-line in monthly classes directed to some of the following skills: domain linking attention, differentiated listening, initial guiding, initial partnership coaching.
  • Generally, Robert likes to work in 5 person 3 hour groups monthly. Plan on 8 of those.
  • Finally, the certification program would conclude with another in-person 4 day retreat

Total fees for year two of training is $1,600 – $1,750