Domain Focusing—A Focusing Teaching Model

My model of teaching focusing comes out of 4 principles:

1. Wild warm wonderful following of others and of oneself
2. Togethering—coordinating and elaborating functions so that they are more congruent.
3. Differentiated Recognition—empathy for self and others.
4. Contextualized Value Opportunity—discovering an opportunity for value through a deeper understanding of context.

Wild Warm Wonderful Following

Teaching focusing is a way to help people learn wild, warm, wonderful following of yourself and others. “Wild following” means you are ready for and supportive of the new, the surprising, the shift, the occurring into the implying, as a listener to yourself or to others. “Warm following” means that you listen with human caring. “Wonderful following” means that you enter ever more aesthetically into the following process with more and more sensitivity to the intricacy of yourself or another. Please download the article below for the complete text.

Domain-Focusing A Focusing Teaching Model (Click to Download)

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