Domain Focusing Self-Guiding Form

Because it is in a written format, it may look like rigid formatting. But in use, I find it is the opposite–more like an unending resource for close and fluid responsiveness (self-responsiveness) to the unfolding Focusing process. The carefully-worded questions evoke an openness to “what would be just right.” Oftentimes I change a specific question to be more “just right” than what is printed on the form, and this is in total keeping with the intent and working of the Domain model.

For many years, I have wished that Robert would make this self-guiding form publicly available. It was always a work-in-progress for Robert. Every so often a new version would come out and I would be amazed at how much richer it was, how much more the new version could help me move in my own Focusing process. This single sheet incorporates decades of intricate Focusing experience. I consider it a high point of development of Focusing practice and thought. Thank-you Robert.  Neil Dunaetz

Domain Focusing Self-Guiding Form (click to download)

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