Informational Meetings on Quaker-Focusing Project – Chapel Hill

A Quaker-Focusing Supportive Community group is forming at Chapel Hill Meeting.  It is envisioned to include participants from Durham Friends Meeting, Carolina Friends School, and other nearby Quaker institutions as well as meetings in Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting which are further away.  There will be a 12 hour training in August, 2016, for a group of 30 and then, a 4X monthly Quaker-Focusing supportive Community group will start.  Those 4 times of meeting monthly will be organized in two rounds (1.5+ hours each) on two first days/month (possibly 2nd and 4th First Days). This would allow participants from meetings further away to travel once and do two rounds.  It also avoids conflicts with meeting committees that a weekly group would pose. Participants in the 12 hour training need to commit to coming to that weekly group for 9 times in the following 9 months (1X/month)

Robert Lee can lead informational/experiential sessions at meetings in the Piedmont Friends Yearly Meetings. Friend Robert is a long time international focusing teacher.

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