Macroshifting: Changing the Unchangeable Without taking Forever

Principal Teacher: Dr. Robert Lee

SARDINIA. October 24-28, 2018
Extraordinary Environment for Extraordinary Growth


During the workshop, you will begin to TASTE what it feels like to do sustained work on a seemingly unchangeable dilemma. You will get excited as you start to really get somewhere. New exercises, new concepts, partnership, self-research, guided Domain Focusing and demonstrations are happening every morning and afternoon. You are learning these methods so you can integrate them into your focusing practice.

The motor of Macroshifting is Domain Focusing. It has 4 Logics/Domains:
Thinking  |  Experiencing  | Loving  |  BodyBody
Thinking: Want to learn how to deepen thinking with TAE exercises?
Experiencing: Want to learn ‘deepening your felt sense’ to get the unchangeable to move?
Loving: Want to learn more about entering the implicit through self-empathy?
Bodybody: Want to learn how to ground with the physical body when everything is stopped?

Macroshifting Strategies
Timely Deep Change is hinged to growth in integrity.
Want to learn how to strengthen integrity through focusing partnership?
Macros are intricately connected to time and actively disconnected from time.
Want to learn how to dance with Time in your partnership work?

Macroshifting requires joyous journaling.
Want to learn how to spot “responsive events” and solo journal them?
Macroshifting requires a bit of acceleration in change compared to good psychotherapy.
Want to learn how to accelerate change a bit and still keep things safe?
Macro Keys open the macro and keep it moving forward safely and surely.
  Want to learn how to find macro keys?

Macros are defined as things which are quite difficult to change, and micros as things which change more easily and directly. With micros, little change leads to bigger change with quite a bit of continuity. In macros, you often find yourself back at the beginning, with lots of discontinuity.

Just as focusing has brought a sophisticated and more self-directed way to accomplish microshifting more affordably, Macroshifting aspires to bring a predictable success and affordability to deep, difficult challenges.

Lodging: Lovely House Near Hotel Romazzino. 30€/night in double occupancy room.
Tuition: Early Bird until August 15: 415€; After August 15: 470€
Food: 95€, US # 919-869-7487

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