Groups Forming Now! MacroDF Year-Longs for Timely Deep Change

MacroDF (Macroshifiting/Domain Focusing) Psychotherapy is an exciting new psychotherapy format crossing individual and group psychotherapy and Focusing partnership. MacroDF Growth is a new psychoeducational format crossing individual coaching, group process and focusing partnership. MacroDF year-longs coordinate eight new Efficiencies for Elegance and Effectiveness:

  • Self-direction is harnessed through focusing partnership. With sufficient training, focusing partnership can approach the effectiveness of good psychotherapy and coaching
  • Crossing between individual and small groups via 3-person 3-hour or 4-person 4-hour sessions. This setting achieves the benefits of both individual and group work
  • Macroshifting is derived from an implicit orientation toward unbinding structure bound process (macros) so as to achieve Timely Deep Change at an affordable cost
  • Learning Domain Focusing is coordinated to sustain Macro work toward completing 60-80 journaled focusing segments (sessions) in a year, the tipping point where movement begins to occur
  • MacroDF looks for a macro key which can safely and surely open the macro and inch it forward. Thinking At the Edge (TAE) methods establish the key as an implicit action-space
  • Macroshifting insists on both a good cost/benefit ratio and accompanying growth in integrity
    MacroDF emphasizes linking felt sensing to contemplative territory and vice-versa as part of moving a macro. (Gendlin: “Felt Sensing is halfway down, meditation is all the way down.”)

… work with me in the format that best suits your need mix and match from 4 variations

Online Video Conferencing

I work with people in small groups throughout the world using Zoom Web and Video Conference Services. Zoom is easy to use and allows for recording and sharing of sessions. It also makes it possible for participants to mute their outgoing audio and video signal while continuing to monitor the workshop.

  • Available everywhere via internet or phone
  • Classes are offered in cycles of six sessions (weekly or every two weeks) 4 cycles per year. Partnerships are carried out between sessions
  • Each session is 1.5 hrs. (3 person) or 2 hrs (4 person)
  • Fee: $360 per cycle ($1,440 per year 4 cycles)

Local Monthly In-Person

I offer local in-person workshop cycles in two locations: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA and Bad Sackingen, Germany | Basel, Switzerland.

  • Can anything be better than working in-person with the support and presence of others?
  • 4 cycles per year 3 sessions per cycle
  • Each session is 3 hrs. (3 person) or 4 hrs (4 person)
  • Fee: $375 per cycle ($1,500 per year 4 cycles)

Regional Quarterly In-Person

Regional Quarterly Weekend In-person Intensives are perfect for those who prefer in-person work but who are not local to one of the training locations. Raleigh-Durham airport is a hub for air travel and fares remain affordable. Gatherings are also held in Bad Sackingen, Germany.

  • In-person intensives offer concentrated growth and learning opportunities
  • 4 cycles per year 4 quarterly intensives
  • Three daily sessions
  • Each session is 3 hrs. (3 person) or 4 hrs (4 person)
  • Housing included at Stillness Rock Retreat Center but not in Bad Sackingen, Germany.
  • Fee: $375 per cycle ($1,500 per year 4 cycles)

Blended Learning Format

This is my favored approach. It is a blended learning experience that begins with a 4 day in-person medium group (10-16) workshop at Stillness Rock Retreat Center. After the 4-day, subgroups of 3 or 4 persons are formed. Each subgroup decides whether to meet for the additional 3 cycles in-person (local or regional) or online. Partnerships are carried out between sessions.

  • Fee for Initial In-Person 4 Day workshop $500 (housing included for first 12 participants)
  • Additional 3 cycles either online or in-person depending on sub-group’s choice
  • Fee $360 (online) $375 (in-person) per cycles 2-4 ($1,580 – $1,625 per year 4 cycles)


Trainings can be designed to target one particular group (engineers, consultants, human resource professionals), or they can be designed for a particular goal, such as fostering inter-departmental teamwork. For example, a research and development company might want to combine the scientist researchers, the people building the projects in the field, and the salespeople so as to facilitate better communication between these groups.

If you’d like to organize a group in your location for a workshop or demonstration, we can orient the offering towards a particular interest group–such as psychotherapists.

Certification in Focusing

In collaboration with the Focusing Institute in New York (, I offer certification programs for professionals and for psychotherapists. These programs are for people who want to use focusing in their work and/or to teach focusing, and/or to go deeply into understanding focusing for themselves and others.

A person may enter these training programs immediately after an initial workshop or later after many workshops. When possible, the professional training program will be specified further as it is for the psychotherapists —e.g. a professional focusing training program for teachers, or for philosophers, for doctors, for parents, for development of supportive community. In other circumstances, the training programs may combine some of these various groups of psychotherapists, professionals, and persons committed to self-help personal growth. The certification programs are just over two years. Click here for more details on Robert’s certification programs.

Ten-Month Course

Robert offers a ten-month course after the initial workshop including workshops, partnership coaching, practice with a peer, and practice in community Focusing groups if available. This course can be adapted to the needs of an organization, or to the needs of a particular group where partnership skills are learned in relation to realizing a particular objective.

  • Example 1: psychology students can do a ten-month program for mastering Focusing Partnership while building skills for clinical or other psychology practice.
  • Example 2: a school teaching Spanish as a second language can have a ten-month program for mastering partnership with the objective of developing outstanding teachers.
  • Example 3: A business consulting firm can do a ten-month program for mastering Focusing partnership with the objective of using Focusing in team building.

Ongoing Facilitated Groups

For some people or for some organizational contexts, initiating and maintaining an independent Focusing partnership is challenging. For these situations, I offer ongoing facilitated groups. These groups emphasize the egalitarian processing of Focusing Partnership which then becomes central to that group commitment.

Stillness Rock Retreat Center – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Many of Robert’s training opportunities are set on location at his beautiful home | retreat center, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The name Stillness Rock comes from the good sized boulder at the entrance of the property. In the lead picture below part of the rock formation is graced by an albino deer (a local goddess to some) blessing all that happens at the center. Robert is fond of a macro saying, Stillness can enter a rock. Macros are sometimes like a rock, and only through stillness can you enter such a rock.