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My primary interest is yearlong training of practitioners in a new kind of change psychotherapy which I call Macro-Domain Focusing. There are several ways yearlong training can be carried out including a mixture of the following:

  • Four cycles of six classes (1.5-2.5 hours/ for 3-5 person) online courses. The first cycle serves as a trial with a no obligation follow-through for the remaining three cycles.
  • Twelve monthly 3 person /3 hour; 4 person/4 hour or 5 person/5 hour (coordinately differentiated) sessions in-person (US East coast and Canada commuting possible).  The first three sessions serve as a trial with no obligation to follow-through for the remaining nine sessions.
  • Four-day retreats ($500 tuition) + 5 person / 3 hour follow-up in either monthly online sessions or monthly in-person small group sessions.
  • Six day/30 person+ ($300) tuition initial urban retreat with variable follow-up.  Offered Worldwide.

MacroShifting is being developed in emerging fields such as Loved One macros; Tender Gender Cancer macros (including gender specific cancer like breast cancer and prostate cancer); Migraine Headache macro; Exhaustion macro (lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme’s disease, Crohn’s, very low energy)  as well as the General macro option which doesn’t have a common theme.


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  1. Jose Nicomedes
    Jose Nicomedes says:

    I live in Sydney, Australia. I’d like more information on the online courses. I am mainly interested in doing level 1 or the introductory courses.

    Thank you,
    Jose Nicomedes

    • Robert Lott Lee
      Robert Lott Lee says:

      Dear Jose, sorry to be so long in replying.

      12 years ago I developed an alternative to the level 1. It begins with a 3 person 3 hour session online or in-person ($120/person) with me + six 1:1 hourlong domain focusing partnership coaching sessions for $25-$120/hr depending on which of my small circle of extraordinary coaches you think is right for you.
      (3-person 3-hour can also be 4-person 4-hour or 2-person 2-hour, the fee/person stays the same). If finding a small group like this slows you down, you can do a 1:1 session for an hour with me online ($120). Nothing should stop FocusingNow.

      This alternative to level one has many advantages. 1) in the initial session you have an ample direct experience with myself both in the 30 minutes I guide you, in the exercises and didactic I give, in the work you witness in my guiding others and in the discussion of focusing process immediately after each guiding session. You have a strong basis for deciding whether to continue with me.

      In the DF (Domain Focusing) partnership coaching sessions you do a Focusing exchange with an outstanding coach where the coach is a model of the egalitarianism which focusing is for AND the coach gives little suggestions to help you learn how to self-guide into the implicit with Domain Focusing AND they give you little suggestions in your empathic listening reflections when you listen to the coach. The coach as Focuser also chooses to work in Domains in a way which would be helpful to you as a model.

      For example, if you have less of a sense about the self-empathy function, they will work more there, if you have less familiarity with the felt sensing function, they will work more there. If you have less facility with linking to the thinking domain creatively, they will work more there. If you have less connection to your physical body (BodyBody domain), the coach will work there. If you have less access to Domain Linking, the coach will especially work there.

      The coaches also have special knowledges such as Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy, Philosophy of the Implicit, Thinking at the Edge, Focusing with Physical Health, Focusing with Addiction, or Focusing in Business, Focusing in Sports (and others) so of course that special knowledge comes in.

      I give the coaches special discounts in ongoing development and supervision if they also discount their usual fees for this Creative Alternative to Level 1. I want to make it easy for newer people to do FocusingNow! I also strive to create egalitarian learning environments including myself with the coaches.

      This level 1 puts you in a great position for ongoing training. You know what good partnership is like. You have learned basics of Domain Focusing in action. You can now develop the art of partnership by working with people who are at a similar level of experience.

      The art of DF partnership is a lifelong project. The stronger you are, the more you can partner with anyone with mutually beneficial outcomes. The stronger your art of partnership the closer you can come to achieving equivalent benefits of a psychotherapy session in a free focusing partnership exchange, predictably. This is Gendlin’s “Politics of Giving Psychotherapy Away”.

      Structures for ongoing training:
      A. find a friend or colleague(s) and do monthly 3 person 3 hour sessions with me in person or online (2-4 persons–$120/person). Or just do an individual session ($120). This can happen now. This is FocusingNow.
      B. Add monthly Changes group (8-20 persons) (low fee) optional. These are egalitarian groups in which Focusing began.
      C. Add 4 day intensives in your region twice/year or 12 session/12 week online intensive courses as a substitute for each ) about $500/person for an intensive. Monthly sessions are suspended during the intensives. (8-20 persons)
      or see special experimental 30 person/6 day intensive in-person retreat structured to be attractive (6 days or 2 weekends plus evening sessions during the week, or 3 weekends—12 3-3.5 hour sessions in a compact time frame. $300/person.
      D. Global Perspective. I have a Presence in each of the major 3 Focusing Regions of the world: Pacific Rim, Americas, Euro-Israel-Scandanavia-Africa. I developed Cross-Lingual Focusing Partnership for people with an imperfect common language. Crossing language barriers is a contribution to world peace. Domain Focusing and Focusing generally has a mission there.
      E. Macroshifting and Microshifting. I define macros as things which change with great difficulty and micros as things which change with less difficulty. Good psychotherapy and good focusing training both are successful with micros, which is heartening and significant. No approach I know of is predictably successful with macros, though some forms of psychotherapy take ‘deep change’ very seriously.
      I strive to make my training model equal or better than Good Weekly Individual Psychotherapy in terms of annual outcomes with macros. I strive to make the model significantly less expensive than good weekly individual psychotherapy and other growth models so that Timely Deep Change becomes more accessible to the world.
      Shifting macros requires becoming stronger in shifting micros as well. Microshifting is traditional focusing teaching and courses. My work includes that with significant innovation!
      If I/we (including my Macro-DF colleagues, students and future students) can demonstrate the outcome of equal or stronger results than Good Weekly Individual Psychotherapy, I/we can also create a tremendous demand for this method. Right now, it is rare for those wanting to teach focusing to find the opportunity to do so. No one has solved the puzzle of how to launch focusing professionals with predictability. It is a macro which I/we need to shift. Saying this up front is part of my effort to strengthen my integrity in my reaching out to you.
      F. Integrity must be strengthened in Macro-DF work. The usual congruence in thinking, experiencing, being, and physical foundation, (4 domains of Domain Focusing) is not enough! Integrity also needs ongoing attention. Including mission in the world through more affordable Macro-DF psychotherapy and Macro-DF growth, through Cross-lingual Focusing partnership for cross-cultural communication/worldwide cooperation, through creating demand for the new focusing professionals to launch from, and through Changing the Unchangeable (Macroshifting) IS my/our aspiration for stronger integrity.

      Thanks for this opportunity to articulate further my goals and values, Robert L. Lee 3.10.2018


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