Macroshifting Domain Focusing Retreat
Stillness Retreat Center
June 17-21, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

An invitation on behalf of Robert Lee …

Robert Lee is hosting a 4 Day Macroshifting / Domain Focusing Facilitation Retreat at his home | Stillness Retreat Center in Chapel Hill. The dates are June 17-21 and the tuition is $500. The workshop is directed to advanced Focusers including Coordinators,Trainers, Focusing Oriented Therapists and others. It can also include Focusers with no previous experience with Domain Focusing.

As many of you know, Robert is a psychotherapist, Focusing teacher and theoretician and has developed the Domain Focusing model. Additionally, he has developed a theory and practice for change on the macro level for stubborn problems (Changing the Unchangeable). He has also developed a comprehensive practice for working with difficulties in felt sense formation (Elusive Felt Sensing). In psychotherapy, he has developed special methods for using Focusing in couples therapy, in group therapy, and with anxiety. Here is a link to Robert’s website with more information on both Domain Focusing and MacroShifting.

This is a unique and wonderful opportunity. The $500 fee will include housing for the first 12 to sign-up. Meals are professionally prepared onsite and catered to participant’s dietary needs. The food is locally sourced and typically organic. Space is limited please write for registration and additional information.

Please click here for workshop flyer …