Colliding Styles of Focusing

Here is a list of the substantial stylistic differences between IRF and DF:

Inner Relationship Focusing   Domain Focusing
Something in me feels _____ Does not use “something in me feels___”
Parts work is a common way in Parts work is unusual. . . instead 12 avenues
No clearing a space Likes clearing a space
Rules about parts No rules about parts
Concepts of presence No concepts about presence
Disidentification Dislikes distancing from self; likes self-coherence/ownership
Suggestions by listener No or few suggestions by listener
Listener adds connector phrases Listener does not typically use connector phrases
Situations less emphasized Emphasizes situations and felt sense of a situation
Something in me->FS Holding a situation and letting a felt sense form of
No domain linking Encourages domain linking
Finds gentleness in relation to parts Finds empathy in relation to felt sense and/or to self-in-situation
Important to get out of head Thinking is essential in focusing
Avoids direct self questions Values direct self questions initiated by focuser
Do not reflect classic IRF out loud prompts Do reflect classic DF out loud prompts (questions)
Listener to the best of their ability gives focuser the listening they want Listener to the best of their ability gives focuser the listening they want

Colliding Styles of Focusing (Click to Download)

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